Lumart - Antiques and restoration

When retrieving objects from the past

becomes a way of life ...

A stone's throw from the city of Lucca, in the middle of the Compitese known throughout Italy for its villages and gardens in which, thanks to optimal climate conditions and to an ancient culture of cultivation, we can find the most beautiful and ancient trees Camellias , the territory also appreciated for its olive groves and production of fine extra virgin olive oil, could not miss the culture of antique furniture. With our activities in the past because the love and passion for the collection of furniture, and antique materials merge to become a real philosophy of life that allows us to restore furniture, design and build environments in compliance with all characteristics and the magic of which these objects are imbued.

We have now become aware that in this business there is no good or bad, but there is a context where everything is unique and magical reality if it was placed in a suitable way include: drawers that become bathroom cabinets, chests that are transformed into tables , doors or cabinets that become handouts, short flair and passion to create or preserve places where the magic can not explain, but you breathe ....


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